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 New Sections / Remodeling

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PostSubject: New Sections / Remodeling   Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:06 am

We are opening a Left 4 Dead clan here also, So if you see some total nobodies lurking around here that'll be an explanation to why these people have appeared.

They may not appear it's early experimental stages. As mentioned in the other forum if you own the game and are currently an eXiLe member that fact automatically will make you available for the eXiLe Left 4 Dead clan.

The same will actually work other way around, Left 4 Dead players interested in nexuiz will have auto eligibility also. Smile

  • The new division news section will be announcements of upcoming matches and training sessions.

  • The Squad sections is where nearer the date we will continue discussions on these matches / training sessions

  • Remember any strategic gameplans or ideas or even demos of someone else must always be posted in the squad section and not the division sections

This is very exciting with all these changes. We just figured this place needed to be easier to use for everyone also after we noticed a few people having problems with the structural layout Smile

PS. The Peace Squad is officially dead, We didn't feel the need to keep something that a terrible leader we had couldn't be bothered to. Why should we keep his vision when he couldn't even be bothered to keep it running himself?
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New Sections / Remodeling
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