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 Fake nicks on our server

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PostSubject: Fake nicks on our server   Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:57 pm

Guys and girls,
please stop using fake nicks on our servers. The minstagib community is very small and most of us know each other. I think this hiding is unnecessary and weird. If you are annoyed of people talking to you -> con_chat -1/stfu is your friend. After all matches on public servers are meant to be fun and maybe a practice. If you really want to challenge someone, ask him/her for that favour.

And your excuses are pretty lame: "I started playing nexuiz/minsta yesterday/today, that's why you don't know me!". Sure and that's the reason why you know all the maps, have good aiming and use the hook quite well. Cool story bro. Yellow Bird, Phobos, Voodoo, or whatever you might call yourself; show respect to your opponent or gtfo. Fake nicks are not allowed on our servers unless you at least unfake if someone asks you to.

Fakers will get kicked/banned, if you don't like/understand (duh!) that play somewhere else.

Thank you & see you ingame =)

Let's not be narrow, nasty, and negative.
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Fake nicks on our server
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