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 Some config stuff

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PostSubject: Some config stuff   Mon Oct 24, 2011 2:29 am

You should have that in your config. Either use your autoexec.cfg (create in xonotic/data dir, same dir where your config.cfg is saved in), or just change the values using the xonotic console:

//keeps your crosshair stable while you move
cl_bob 0
cl_bob2 0
cl_bobmodel 0
cl_bobup 0

fov 110 //I recommend a value higher than 100
hud_panel_centerprint 1 //1 = frag messages on, 0 = frag messages off ... you really want them on in all weapons duel because you get to see the enemies health/armor when dying
hud_panel_centerprint_fadetime 0.1 //reduces the annoying fadeout/fadein effect for the fragmessages
hud_panel_centerprint_fontscale 0.7 //make the fragmessages smaller and less annoying
hud_panel_timer_increment 1 //let the timer count up instead of down, personal preference
cl_autoswitch 0 //disable switching weapon when grabbing a weapon from ground
cl_maxfps_alwayssleep 0 //1 gives me lags
cl_allow_uid2name 1 //needed to get your nickname registered at XonStat @ http://srv02.xonotic.org:6543/
vid_vsync 0 //causes mouse lag, reduces your fps to your refresh rate (e.g. 60)
snd_channel6volume 0 //disable pain sounds ("mein leben"), you want this off on minsta, but enabled for all weapons because they are an indicator for the opponents health status

I suggest creating two configs, minsta.cfg and allweapons.cfg so you can easily switch between settings when switching modes.
That's what I got atm:

Quote :
r_drawviewmodel 0
seta snd_channel6volume 0
hud_panel_centerprint 0
bind MOUSE1 "+fire"
bind MOUSE2 "+hook"
bind MOUSE3 "+fire2"
bind MWHEELUP "// not bound"
bind MWHEELDOWN "// not bound"
bind t "messagemode"
Quote :
set r_drawviewmodel 1
seta snd_channel6volume 1
hud_panel_timer_increment 1
hud_panel_centerprint 1
bind MOUSE3 weaplast
bind MOUSE2 +fire2
bind a "weapon_group_8"
bind b "weapon_group_9"
bind c "weapon_group_3"
bind t "weapon_group_4"
bind v "weapon_group_2"
bind w "weapon_group_1"
bind 3 "weapon_group_5"
bind 4 "weapon_group_6"
Quote :
seta "menu_watermark" "" //for users of the autobuild version
bind 8 "exec minsta.cfg" //switch to minsta settings
bind 9 "exec allweapons.cfg" //switch to all weapons seattings

Let's not be narrow, nasty, and negative.
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Posts : 821
Join date : 2009-07-21
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Some config stuff   Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:09 am

In case you don't know yet, you can type 'timeout' (without the '') in the xonotic console to pause the game for 120 seconds. Very handy if your cat is hungry or someone is at the door. You can unpause the game using the 'timein' command. The amount of timeouts each player can call is limited. Furthermore this feature is only enabled on competitive servers (not on our public ctf server for example)!

It's a good idea to have timeout keybinded:
Quote :
bind p timeout

Let's not be narrow, nasty, and negative.
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Some config stuff
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